6 Simple Steps to Setting Up Your Exit Pops Sales Machine Via Popup Domination

Please follow the steps below to complete the process:


Copy your Popup Domination text and paste it in a text editor

If you h aven't signed up for Popup Domination, you can get it here.

Your text (code) will look similar to this:

<script src='https://cdn1.pdmntn.com/a/SkiI9NrRr.js'></script>


Create a "Pretty Link" Redirect Link

First, install the free Pretty Link  wordpress plugin.

Then, create a wordpress redirect link using
Pretty Link with the Popup Domination link as the Destination URL:

<script src='https://cdn1.pdmntn.com/a/SkiI9NrRr.js'></script>

Name the  affiliate link whatever you want


Paste that redirect link in your affiliate
software as the landing page the affiliate link goes to.

If you use the free WP Affiliate Manager plugin, you go to Affiliates > My Creatives > Create New.

If you use the Sumo Affiliate plugin, you go to Creatives > Add New Creative


Now paste the affiliate Link from step 3
(that redirects to the Pretty Link) into the
popup code:

See the bold line in red below:

<script src='https://cdn1.pdmntn.com/a/SkiI9NrRr.js'></script>

For example, when the affiliate signs up using WP Affiliate Manager, they get a URL that looks like this;


So that is what they paste into the code.

<script src='https://infoprofits.vip/dominate?wpam_id=1'></script>

If you were using Sumo Affiliate Pro software, it'd look like this:

<script src='https://infoprofits.vip/dominate?ref=833'></script>

Whatever their individual affiliate ID is goes after ref=

You should be able to do this with most any affiliate software.  However, it doesn't work with Clickbank, JVZoo or W+ as you can't use .js as a landing page with them.  Here's your plan B for those networks.


Create a 1-pager that shows your affiliates how to copy and paste the text (code) from #4 into the header-footer plugin

If they use wordpress, have them download and install the header, footer and post injections free plugin by Stefano Lissa. Then paste the text/code into the BODY section (or the header,depending on which software you're using.)

All they do is add their affiliate id.  In this case, they'd put their affiliate id where it says ?wpam_id=1

Here's the whole sequence:

1.  The page loads

2.  The popup domination code loads

3.  The affiliate link fires and sets a tracking cookie

4.  The affiliate link then redirects to the Pretty Link

5.  The Pretty  link redirects to the .js scsript that makes the popup appear.

You're done.  Now, when you go to the website, your popup will display according to how you have it set in your popup software.  Keep in mind that if you used exit intent code, it won't display until your move your cursor to the top of the page.  Which means that on mobile devices, it won't work.  Programs like Popup Domination provide a fallback for mobile that is a regular popup that appears after 5 or 10 seconds.

Also, popup code from autoresponder companies may or may not work on some browsers like Firefox or Chrome.  This is why it's preferable to use a service like Popup Domination or Popup Maker, even though it isn't free.  The other advantage is they have beautiful pre-made popups.


Share this 1-pager with affiliiates, and owners of thank you pages, download pages, funnels, etc.

By having them sign up on your free wp affiliate manager as an affiliate, just by copying and pasting this code into their header-footer plugin, they can get paid commissions on sales. 

All the affiliate does is sign up and then paste their affiliate ID where the red X is.

<script src='https://infoprofits.vip/dominate?wpam_id=X'></script>

Here's a sample 1-pager to create and share.

If you use Thrive Architect, you can download my zip file and import it into Thrive Architect.  Click here for the zip file.

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